Friday March 27, 2020

Hey friends, It’s a challenging time out there, and we’re trying to make things a little bit easier so we can all stay home, stay safe, and stay crafty. Crafty as in craft beer, but also making time to do the things you love (we personally love macrame, video game soundtracks, our dogs, and photography […]

Holidays presented by Rainhard

Wednesday December 18, 2019

What’s not to love about the holiday season? Busy malls, frigid weather, or maybe a looming sense that 2019 is over and you haven’t done your taxes from 2017? Rainhard is here to show you some holiday love. We’ve got gift ideas for every beer lover in your life, and you can just hop on […]

Drink Fresh*

Friday November 22, 2019

Here at Rainhard, we love our IPAs and we’re not shy about it. We think we do a pretty good job. When our customers walk out of the brewery with our hoppy beers in hand, we know they’re getting the freshest pale ales possible. The truth is, some beers are like wine and can age […]


Friday August 30, 2019

We’re fairly big dog people. Not just big dogs, all dogs. Not just hot dawgs, but cool dogs as well. Bring your four-legged pals on Wednesdays and get a buck off any draught beers. Offer limited to pooch-parents please. We promise to keep treats in stock, water bowls flowin’, and beers in abundance.

Hearts Collide 2019

Monday February 11, 2019

There are a lot of bad things about winter. The brewery only has one loading dock, beside the “office” with a space heater that is no match for last week’s cold snap. Coffee becomes less a way to wake up and more of a way to stay alive. Thankfully, Joe from Morning Roast pops by […]


Monday November 26, 2018

It’s been quite the year.  A year ago, we were covered in dust, just received our new tanks and were trying to figure out how exactly we were going to fit them in the brewery. After a few tries, it all fell into place and we were rolling. One (or 2 rather) of the tanks […]

Expansion – A Photo Essay

Thursday June 14, 2018



Sunday June 3, 2018

This May marked the 3rd anniversary of our little brewery. It’s amazing to think of where we were in 2015, and where we are now. Starting off on a relatively small 7bbl system, we didn’t think we’d be firing up a brand new 20bbl system a mere 3 years later, but here we are. We’re […]

Crosby Farms Hop Rub

Thursday March 15, 2018

This week, Scott Labs and Crosby Farms (Oregon) joined us and other craft breweries from the region to guide us through a hop rub featuring their latest offerings. They also provided an incredible old style fisherman’s boil for everyone, which was unreal. It was great to see some friends from Ontario’s brewing community coming out […]