Drink Fresh*

Friday November 22, 2019

Here at Rainhard, we love our IPAs and we’re not shy about it. We think we do a pretty good job. When our customers walk out of the brewery with our hoppy beers in hand, we know they’re getting the freshest pale ales possible.

One of our recent faves: Somewhere Now

The truth is, some beers are like wine and can age and grow in their complexity. Many sours and stouts will develop new funk, deeper richness, or have flavours change completely. Think about things like our Age & Beauty series, or Hearts Collide.

In contrast, hoppy beers are meant to be enjoyed as fresh as possible. Hops tend to fade over time, so instead of getting those huge notes of mango, pine, or sweet tarts, you get….. well, not as much. There’s nothing worse than ordering a hoppy beer that’s been sitting around for the better part of a year and sipping a lifeless, cardboard-y pale ale that lacks all the aromatics of a freshly brewed ale.

Our one-off IPA series has been kickin’ for a while, but we’ve made a few tweaks to how we’re doing things.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases. Only small batch, so grab it while you can!