Let It Snow: News, Brews and Views

Let It Snow: News, Brews and Views

My last post, published 6 weeks ago, was laughably titled “The Last Nice Weekend”. Instead we’ve had some pretty damn temperate weather since then – but finally, finally, we’ve got snow.

Just in time for Hearts Collide Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout to be back in the fridge! We sold 207 bottles on Saturday and we’ve only got about 200 more left – so if you need something to weigh down those stockings, better stop by soon.

Saturday was our last big party for a while as we need to focus on brewing for the rest of the year to keep up with all the holiday beer orders. We just brewed a double batch of Kapow! this week, we’ve got Lazy Bones, our Gold Medal-winning IPA coming back next week, and Revolution #3, a sour brown with raspberries, is aging in bourbon barrels as we speak.

In other news, I’ve finally met a long-time goal of mine: getting craft ale into small cans in Toronto. 12oz cans are the perfect serving vessel for craft beer, keeping the product fresher than bottles, easier to transport and in a serving size that gives you full control over how much you drink, perfect for drinking a whole case of Daywalker Session or a small glass of Imperial Stout.

On Friday we did a test run with the guys at Sessions Craft Canning of our flagship pale ale Armed ‘N Citra in 355mL cans. The new label designs are finished and on order and another run of cans is on the horizon. Any day now, cans of Armed ‘N Citra will be available in the bottle shop at the brewery – I’ll let you know when!

I guarantee this is going to be the first of many, from Rainhard and from others!


Holiday Hours:

  • December 24     11:00 – 4:00
  • December 25     CLOSED
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  • January 1             CLOSED
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