In the Double Dog Days of Summer

In the Double Dog Days of Summer

Exterior Thin

It’s hard to be excited in this heat. I biked to work today and, thankfully, the first thing I did in the morning was stock the fridge, which Jordan keeps at a comfortable 2 degrees celcius. By the time I got out of there, leaving one shelf empty in anticipation for Friday, the warmth of the brewhouse actually felt nice.


I complain, but it could be worse. Jordan, who is in here brewing up a storm as I type, was kind enough to get me an air conditioner for my birthday two weeks ago. On a brewday like to today, however, the air conditioner and the kettle are locked in the preternatural struggle of heat vs. cold. To further refresh me, Jordan pours me a sample of Hop Cone Syndrome out of the brite tank.


This is a good time to introduce myself. My name is Derek, I’ve been in the beer industry for a few years and at Rainhard for a month. I like homebrewing, literacy, and folk music. This is my first taste of this beautiful beer.


Hop Cone Syndrome, which has not been available since winning the Silver Medal in the Double IPA category at the Canadian Brewing Awards in May, is back. This Friday, Rainhard Brewery’s lauded Imperial IPA will be on tap and available in bottles at the brewery.  Last time we released this beer, it sold out in the first four days, so brave the heat and come see me at 100 Symes Rd.


This award-winning Double IPA is brewed with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic & Columbus to 100 IBU and 8.5%!

Hop Cone Syndrome

In other news, it’s been a busy first month for me here at the brewery already! We’ve already released two brand new beers, the Unfiltered Pilsner and the Mass Hysteria (a farmhouse ale brewed in collab with the wonderful Folly Brewpub) – both available at the bottle shop – and had a tremendous time at Because Beer in Hamilton.


Coming up, we’ll be pouring beers at the Junction Night Market this Saturday and are pumping ourselves up for TFOB – the Toronto Festival of Beer the following weekend. We’ll have some new beers and some old favourites at both of these events and you can always find us and our beer at 100 Symes Rd. in the Stockyards.


Cheers, nice to meet you and all that,




PS. Did you know this neighbourhood was dry until 1998? I only just found out! No wonder all the breweries are popping up around here – people are still thirsty.

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