Double Kapow! Sparks a Revolution

Double Kapow! Sparks a Revolution

Hi folks,


Today marks the official release of Double Kapow!, a supercharged version of our fan-favourite West Coast IPA. Hopped with Mozaic, Simcoe and Hallertau Blanc to a bracing 95 IBU and a warm 8.1% alcohol. Our first new Imperial IPA since Hop Cone Syndrome won the silver at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards, and we’re going for the gold.


I’ve got to admit, things have been tight lately. We’ve had a few weekends when the fridge and the chalkboard have been looking a little bare. Festivals soaked up a lot of our beer, as well as our taps throughout the city, and our brewhouse is pushed to capacity (not to mention Jordan’s baby just turned 2 months old). In the meantime, our staff has grown from 2 to 5.


Because of all this, we’ve made some decisions about which beer we’re going to (try to) keep around as full-time brands: Armed ‘N Citra APA, Kapow IPA, Unfiltered Pilsner, and Sweetback’s Milk Stout. But the risk you take when committing to brands like this is in limiting your ability to brew whatever you want. Hence: the Revolution Series, which is Jordan’s excuse to do whatever he feels like.


In Jordan’s own words: “An expression of brewer freedom and experimentation: a revolt against the norm! At Rainhard, our culture is conveyed through our creative outputs. We call these one-off creations the Revolution Series.”


This is an autumn of firsts. Shortly after introducing the Revolution Series, we’ll be releasing our first barrel-aged beer, Hearts Collide Imperial Stout aged for 9 months in bourbon barrels. On October 15th, we’ll be pouring this beer along with 3 variations:



1. Hearts Collide Imperial Stout aged 9 months, no barrel


2. Bourbon barrel-aged


3. Bourbon barrel-aged with coffee


4. Bourbon barrel-aged with coffee ON CASK


Later this autumn, we’ll be releasing the second of our Revelations Series beers, our very first sour beer. More information on that forthcoming! Now I’m going to order another beer.



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