Welcome to Rainhard Brewing Company.

   Being our first official post to our new blog, I wanted to share with you, all the exciting news about what’s happening, what’s not, and more importantly….when the beer is coming!

We officially have a home to call Rainhard Brewing, and that’s at 100 Symes Rd, in the Toronto Stockyards. A great open space, in a fully renovated industrial building that served as a refinery from years past.


Right now, it’s still empty, but we have officially begun our brewery build-out. Without going into detail, we have just broke ground for our plumbing drains, with everything else ready to start at lightning speed! I will have a full construction post in the future which details our DIY builds of our walk-in cooler, bottler, and tasting room.


When we open, we plan on having a full retail store where you can not only purchase our signature brews to take home, but we will also have an on-site tap/tasting room and swag shop.

In the meantime… we are expecting delivery of our 7bbl brewhouse from DME equipment to be delivered at the start of October, all the way from PEI, Canada.

Oh yeah… and check out our new glasswear!


We are eagerly prepping for an anticipated December opening, so stay tuned for some VERY exciting news on where you can try our beers in the very near future…….. (Hint…we LOVE ’Real Ale’)


Finally, we would love to hear from you! So reach out to us on Twitter (@RainhardBrewing), Facebook, and Instagram.